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A worldwide hardware design contest focused on product development. DesignLab connects you to engineers, expert mentors, and other powerful resources to take your product from concept to DFM.

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Principal at BOLT VC, Kate McAndrew, explains why entrepreneurs need to be obsessed with the customer.


Lead engineer of the 2018 Hackaday Prize-winning Dexter Robotic Arm, James Wigglesworth, talks about how winning the Prize has completely changed the trajectory of their company.


Hackaday writer, Brian Benchoff explains why creating for more than yourself is a necessary part of this year's Hackaday Prize.

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Grand Prize

Best Product

$125,000 + Supplyframe DesignLab Residency

Best Category x5

Concept, Design, Production, Benchmark, Communication.

$10,000 each

Honorable Mention x5

$3,000 each

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The top twenty entries by August 25th, 2019 will go on to the finals where our esteemed judges will award the 2019 Hackaday Prize of $125,000 and other top prizes.

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Launch 4/3/19

Bootstrap Ends 6/1/19

Final Submissions 8/25/19

Finalists Announced 9/9/19

Final Judging 10/1-11/1

Winners Announced

2019 Superconference

(tentatively 11/16/2019)

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What is considered an entry? Put simply, you need an idea, an image, and documentation. To start, talk about a technology problem facing people today and your idea of what a solution might be.

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  • Victor Luo

    General Manager - Visualizations & Strategy, NASA JPL Advisor, X - the Moonshot Factory

    Victor has spent the last ten years at NASA/JPL building up a software team focused on visualizations for controlling spacecraft. He leverages key relationships in the industry to apply pre-market technologies, influence future technology roadmaps, and establish NASA as a leader in the application of augmented and virtual reality technology for space applications.

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  • Mario Ingram

    Sr Business Partner, Merchandise Operations New Ventures & Accelerators at Target

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  • Lauren McCarthy

    Artist, Creator p5.js, Assistant Professor, UCLA

    Lauren McCarthy is the creator of p5.js and an artist based in both Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Her work explores the mechanisms of being both a person and interacting with other people. She is currently an Assistant Professor at UCLA Design Media arts, and a Sundance Institute Fellow.

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  • Madison Maxey

    Founder, LOOMIA

    Madison Maxey’s work as the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at LOOMIA (previously The Created) has led to massive strides in bringing flexible robust circuitry (e-textiles) to scale. Madison’s work provides the foundation for ongoing patents, as well as education for fortune 500 companies. She lectures at nationally recognized universities like Columbia, NYU, and the Parsons School of Design.

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  • Sherry Huss

    Co-founder of Maker Faire

    Sherry Huss is Co-founder of Maker Faire, and a major advocate of “all things maker” in the global community. She has over 25 years of technology marketing and event experience and has held senior management positions at MediaLive International, Key3Media, Ziff-Davis and Softbank. Before Maker Faire, Sherry was instrumental in launching and managing successful technology and consumer events such as Sun’s JavaOne, Oracle’s iDevelop, O’Reilly Media’s Web 2.0 Summit and Dwell magazine’s Dwell on Design Conference and Expo.

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  • Viirj Kan


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  • Jennifer Wang

    Software Engineer & Technical Lead, Google

    Jennifer Wang is a software engineer and hardware prototyper. She has designed sensor algorithms used by 1+ billion people worldwide, built internet-connected drones, and worked on wearable health monitors. Her work has been featured in publications including Hackaday, IEEE Spectrum, DIYDrones and at UbiComp.

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  • Kate McAndrew

    Principal, Bolt

    Kate McAndrew is a Principal at Bolt where she invests in concept-stage entrepreneurs at the intersection of software and the physical world.

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  • Kwabena Agyeman

    President, OpenMV LLC

    Kwabena enjoys computer vision and machine learning applications. He specializes in FPGA and Chip Design, and currently works at Planet Labs as the Lead FPGA Engineer. He is also President of OpenMV on nights and weekends.

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  • David Möllerstedt

    Co-founder and New Development, Teenage Engineering

    Möllerstedt’s early career began at Swedish synth manufacturer Elektron, but his prior experience includes five years at EA DICE as Head of Audio where he worked on games in the Battlefield and Mirror's Edge franchises. He founded Teenage Engineering in 2005 alongside Jesper Kouthoofd, David Eriksson and Jens Rudberg. The company is known for its first product: the portable all-in-one synth OP-1, as well as a multimedia synthesizer and sequencer (the OP-Z), the Pocket Operator series, and the premium wireless speaker OD-1

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  • Jini Keasling

    Faculty, Product Design, Graphic Design, Creative Leadership, Art Center

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  • Chrissy Meyer

    Partner, Root Ventures

    Chrissy has spent the past decade taking hardware products from early concept through to high-volume production. At Apple and Square, she developed products that shipped millions of units, and has spent over a year on the ground in Asia working closely with manufacturers and suppliers. Chrissy is now a partner at Root Ventures, a seed-stage hard tech venture capital firm investing in robotics, hardware, industrial automation, AI, and developer tools

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  • Dr. David R. Scheinder

    Director of MEng Studies in Systems Engineering, Cornell University

    David is the creating founder of the Obama White House recognized Cornell Cup. He is also known for assisting a team of students in becoming the 1st American team to win the James Dyson Award. He has advised over 1,500 students on projects for organizations like NASA, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Autodesk, Hasbro, Da Vinci Labs, and has even worked as a screenwriter for Disney.

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  • Kristin Paget

    Hacker Princess, Lyft

    Kristin "Hacker Princess" Paget works at Lyft designing security systems for self-driving cars. For fun she builds IMSI catchers, RFID cloners, and hacks just about everything.

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  • Alfred Jones

    Head of Mechanical Design, Level 5, Self-Driving Division, Lyft

    Alfred is the Head of Mechanical Engineering at Lyft’s level 5 self-driving division, and is responsible for the design and development of integrated sensors and computers for autonomous vehicles. He has over 16 years of engineering experience developing products for Fitbit and Amazon Lab126 as a hardware and engineering lead respectively. Alfred also spent 9 years at Motorola Mobility designing smartphones and cell phones

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  • Bil Herd


    Bil Herd is a computer engineer who created several designs for 8-bit home computers while working for Commodore Business Machines in the early to mid-1980s. Later, Bill designed the ultrasonic backup sensor found in many vehicles, and went on to develop high speed vision systems in the 1990’s for which he is co-author on a patent. In more recent years, Bill has been producing videos for Hackaday, volunteering for the Vintage Computer Federation (VCF), and speaking on both the East and West coasts in computer-based events.

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  • Anool Mahidharia

    Co-founder, WyoLum

    Anool is an Electrical Engineer, working in the field of Test & Measurement at Lumetronics. When not working at his day job, he dabbles in Astronomy, Origami, Photography, Tinkering, Hacking, and Cycling. His choice for daily commutes in Mumbai are his bicycles. He is one of the founders duo of WyoLum Emergents – a global group of Open Hardware enthusiasts. Between all of his hobbies and cycling, he manages to discuss and create original Open Source circuit boards and projects. As a master of digital design, Anool is the driving force behind WyoLum projects. He is also the co-founder of Makers’ Asylum – one of India’s first community driven Maker Spaces. Anool lives in Mumbai with his wife – Samata (who is also an avid Maker) and son – Hearsh.

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  • Brian Cutter

    Color & Material Lead, Google Hardware

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  • Francois Nguyen

    Head of Industrial Design, Frog Design

    François is the head of Industrial Design at Frog’s New York studio. He has worked with a wide array of Fortune 500 clients including Apple, Google, Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. During his time at Pentagram, he was the lead designer for the original “Beats by Dre ” headphones, and has won numerous accolades in publications such as RollingStone, Wired, TIME, the New Yorker and FastCompany.

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  • Haiyan Zhang

    Director of Innovation & Technical Advisor, Microsoft Research

    Haiyan Zhang is a designer, engineer and maker of things. An innovation and technology leader, Haiyan has spent the past 20 years working hands-on in software engineering, user experience, hardware R&D, service design, Cloud platforms, design thinking and blue-sky envisioning. She continues to push on the boundaries where technology can transform people's lives for the better.

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  • Noramay Cadena

    Co-founder & Managing Partner MiLA Capital

    Noramay Cadena is a Cofounder and Managing Partner of MiLA Capital, an early stage venture fund in Los Angeles created to advance next generation hardware startups (IoT, robotics, wearables, industry 4.0, frontier tech, etc.). She started her career in aerospace and holds an MBA, a Master’s in Engineering Systems and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering – all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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Beau Ambur

Senior Outreach Lead, Design & Technology Kickstarter

Beau travels the West Coast searching for innovators, creators and makers who can leverage the powerful community and storytelling abilities of Kickstarter to bring creative projects to life. Beau is also a contributor to open source hardware and software projects, as well as a regular at hackerspaces like Noisebridge.

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Danielle Applestone

CEO & Co-founder, Daughters of Rosie

Danielle Applestone, PhD is CEO and co-founder of Daughters of Rosie, an organization helping women get hands-on jobs where they can grow, while also being the best source of diverse candidates for hardware and manufacturing companies. Prior to that, she was co-founder and CEO of Other Machine Co. (now Bantam Tools), a Berkeley-based manufacturer of desktop CNC machines.

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Tod E. Kurt

Co-founder & Principal, Thing M

Tod is the creator of the blink(1) notification light and the BlinkM Smart LED. He co-founded CRASH Space, authored “Hacking Roomba”, contributes to MAKE mag, and has a few patents in his name as well.

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Bunnie Huang

Co-founder, Chibitronics

Bunnie is best known for his work hacking the Microsoft Xbox, as well as his efforts in designing and manufacturing open source hardware. His past projects include the chumby (app-playing alarm clock), chibitronics (peel-and-stick electronics for crafting), and the Novena (DIY laptop). He currently lives in Singapore where he runs a private product design studio, Kosagi, and actively mentors several startups and students of the MIT Media Lab.

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Erika Earl

Audio Experience Engineer & Founder, EVIL

Erika is working on the new frontier of spatial, immersive and interactive ambisonic audio. After working as Director of Hardware Engineering for Slate Companies and Head of Technology/Chief Tech for the Village Recording Studios, Erika co-founded Earl Virtual Innovation Lab, or EVIL Tech, and XR Creative to work with artists and engineers on the next generation of audio tech and experience design. When she’s not wielding a soldering iron or immersed in a VR headset, you will most likely find her spending stime with her two little ones, writing songs, or volunteering in her community.Media Lab.

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Giovanni Salinas

Product Development Engineer, Supplyframe DesignLab

Giovanni is the Product Development Engineer at Supplyframe DesignLab. He has designed and developed hundreds of products, including consumer electronics, kitchenware, and urban furniture for the North American, European, Chinese and Latin American markets. Through his experience he has honed his expertise in rapid prototyping and DFM in plastics, wood, and metals.

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Mitch Altman

Founder & CEO, Cornfield Electronics

Mitch is the President and CEO of Cornfield Electronics and co-founder of the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco. He also invented TV-B-Gone, co-founded a Silicon Valley startup, pioneered VR technology, is an author and teacher, and gives talks and workshops around the world. Mitch promotes hackerspaces, open source hardware, and mentors wherever he goes.

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Tyler Mincey

VP of Engineering, Bolt

Tyler is VP of Engineering at Bolt, a venture capital firm that invests in concept-stage companies building products at the intersection of software and the physical world. Previously, Tyler was VP of Product at Pearl Automation, and an engineering team leader at Apple in iPod/iPhone new product development.

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Eric Weinhoffer

Prototype Engineer, Bolt

Eric Weinhoffer is a Prototype Engineer at Bolt in San Francisco, where he runs the prototyping shop and assists companies with product development. He has vast experience in rapid prototyping and mechanical design, having previously developed CNC milling machines, payloads for the ISS, and a handful of consumer products.

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Mattias Gunneras & Andrew Zolty

Co-founders, BREAKFAST NY

Zolty (top) and Gunneras are Co-founders of BREAKFAST, a studio of multidisciplinary artists and engineers that conceive, design, and fabricate high-tech contemporary art installations and sculptures. BREAKFAST has over 15 large-scale pieces that can be found in various museums, arenas, and lobby spaces throughout the world.

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Ezer Longinus

Co-founders, Brooklyn Research

Ezer Longinus started his career making music and musical instruments for himself. Building on that experience, in 2012, he started a company with friends making software and electronic sinstruments for others.

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Tarek Omar


I have provided IoT solutions for environmental, agricultural, and “smart cities” projects, prototyped products using digital fabrication tools that I built including 3D printers and CNCs, acted as team lead on different software and embedded projects, launched the first hackerspace and mobile makerspace in Egypt, and taught interdisciplinary tech/art workshops around the world. Alongside hacking/making/building, I have worked as a stuntman, and enjoy parkour and bouldering outdoors.

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Spencer Wright


Spencer Wright is a writer, operator, and self-proclaimed manufacturing-guy-at-large. He lives in New York City and is writes a widely read manufacturing-focused newsletter at

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